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Next Monday I’ll go to ask for my degree (I have to pay 120 euros!!!) and then go back home to let my parents hug me :D :D Then some relax until going to Germany for an interview at a Max Planck ( ). I have to give a lecture about my “past or present investigations”… :S  I don know what can I do but I wish I could go there… it would be soooooo great…. Let’s see.

El lunes que viene iré a la Secretaria a certificar que es oficial y pedir mi titulo (jo, tengo que pagar 120 euros!). Habrá que pagar,no?

Luego me voy a casita a preparar la charla que tengo que dar en Alemania… Estaría genial conseguir esa beca de doctorado en el Max Planck (

A ver…

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