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I am writing from the Physics Library of the Crete University, at Heraklion. Crete is really beautiful.. and a Hot (HOT) place. We will spend here 4 more days and then 2 in Athens. We went to the historical museum of the city. It was great! and also to a city tour, party at disco, … Everything is perfect… but only that I don´t understand A WORD they say, amazing. To get here we used the Olympus Palace boat, with like 9 floors, disco, supermarket, cinema, … I am really having a great time here… but without sleeping…Just 30 minutes ago I felt sleep at the urban bus… and it was only a 10 minutes ride!!!
Some small pieces: nobody uses helmet riding their motorbikes, the city is a mess, the gyros pita (like kebabs) are quite cheap, coffee is really expensive, also drinks at pubs (one drink at a disco, 7 euros!)… People don’t pay anything for university and any student has the meals for free, …

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