Before Xmas

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I´ve just been accepted (who would refuse me?); so next year I will be at the Goettingen Observatory with a Max Planck fellowship to do my doctorate about Chromospheric Structures.
I will arrive there the 11th… and my director already booked me an apartment.
In fact I fell a bit doubtful wether I would be able to be on such a good level… (Am I prepared?) Just in case I bought “Fundamentals of Plasma Physics” :D

So my “holidays” are filled with plasma studies, trying to learn a bit of German, ….
…. ok, I just read 10 pages of the book and I listened half German tape :D

But one thing arrived yesterday …. My new iBook!! I am so happy with it :D in fact I writing from it… still getting used to my new doll…

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