3 months later

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Well, it’s been 3 months already since i write last time here… Many things happened in that time. One can say that I am already settled in göttingen, the work here is nice, interesting and challenging. I have many new great friends (most of them spanish :S). 3 days ago I moved to my new apartment and I have to buy quite few things, but itś ok (although I am already fed up with building tables, bed, …).
On other matters next Thursday I am starting my german lessons, and I am really longing for it.
Another reached milestone is that on February,27th I published a small article on a local newspaper in asturias about Titan.
I had to go to Asturias few days ago for personal reasons and the good thing is that I was able to attend a lecture of Stephen Hawking about his new book. GREAT! It was a part of the Principe de ASturias Awards so there were all full of “authorities”, as it couldn’t be another way I asked Fraga, Pedro Piqueras and Perdo Duque to make a photo with me :D :D
Last thing… today Faq-mac published a small interview with me :D

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