Conference in Barcelona

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Afer the good news of having the Dr. degree officially y went to Freiburg with very good mood… and the talk was great! People got interested, they made many questions and I got very good feedback of my work (and the talk itself! ). It was really nice. They asked me to give a copy of some movies to put on the telescope website ( cool! )

Afer that I came back (stopping in Frankfurt to see an old friend) and … 2 days later I flew to Barcelona. There was a conference organiced by the RIA (Red de infraestructuras Astronómicas):
The (great) idea was to gather and get to know as many people as possible doing solar physics in Spain (or spaniards, like me). Needless to say that it proved to be very fruitful. It was very nice to see many colleagues and some teachers from my time in Tenerife. Thanks RIA! Besides that… I think I like Barcelona more and more every time I go. Unfortunatelly I could not see a good friend there.

Next stop: Tenerife on Saturday.

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