Eyes on the Skies

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Eyes on the Skies

The Eyes on the Skies is an astronomical education movie (there is also a book). It is freely available to TV broadcasters (contact them for further information).” It explores the many facets of the telescope — the historical development, the scientific importance, the technological breakthroughs, and also the people behind this ground-breaking invention, their triumphs and failures”.

It is presented by Dr. J, aka Dr. Joe Liske, a professional astronomer from the European Southern Observatory and host of the Hubblecast video podcast. The DVD runs for 60 minutes and contains subtitles in several languages, including spanish.

I am somehow involved, since I took part on the localization into spanish (Look at the credits).

I highly recommend the movie.I find it very well designed and produced. If you a a TV channel contact them for free broadcast. If you are an educator or amateur astronomer I highly recommend you to see it.  You can also buy it on the Hubble shop. Material form that page has little cost for consumers, and it is free for members of the press, educators and observatory/planetarium/museum guides. Also, according to (at least) spanish regulations, you could also download it for free from P2P networks for personal use.

The authors gave me, for my contribution, a small number of copies for free (Thank you) that I am willing to distribute. I am particularly interested in sending them to school or astronomical educational associations. Please contact me to arrange the mailing. Better if I could send you some ~10 copies and you re-distribute it.

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