Help HAITI, Crisis Camp DC for Haiti

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Details on the Crisis Camp can we found here.

I just realized it is actually pretty easy to help. What we are doing now is helping with the GIS (localizing stuff on maps for now).
Open Street Map is an open source map that is being used by people on the ground to locate roads, places, …

The things is that really helpful and detailed satellites images are being gathered, but the information on it needs to be located.

To help just do this:
1.- Go to and make an account.
2.-Locate a place that needs to be worked on. The Downtown area is quite covered so may be is good to go a bit further out.
3-Go to “Edit mode” clicking the button.
4-Add a backgroung image to start adding roads. We are using an image recently donated by Digital Globe. The URL is!/!/!.jpg

5-That´s it. Here´s a short video on how to do it.

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