Creativity in Science

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Some days ago, a friend interviewed me about creativity and science. She is doing a Masters in Malta and she wanted my opinion on certain questions. It turned out to be a very interesting conversation. This was all part of a wider report. Once she finished it, if she agrees, I´ll post it here as well. For now, I am posting her main questions.

What would YOU answer?

  1. Please describe your main responsibilities at work and a typical working day.
  2. What does creativity mean to you?
  3. Do you think creativity is an inherited trait or something that can be learned?
  4. Who is a creative person? Who is a creative scientist? Characteristics.
  5. How would you describe the role of creativity in science?
  6. What do you think is creativity important in science?
  7. How does creativity differ in different scientific disciplines?
  8. How much is out of the box thinking encouraged nowadays in the science classrooms?
  9. What kind of role has your personality played in pursuing your scientific career and in your new discoveries? What has driven/motivated you to move forward in science?
  10. How do you think new ideas emerge in science?
  11. How important it is for you to play around with different ideas when working out something? Or are you rather a rule-follower?
  12. Are there any specific methods you are using for generating ideas in your research process?
  13. Can you please describe your scientific creative process? If you have a creative idea, how do you usually proceed with it? How much there is visualisation, imagination involved?
  14. How much do you appreciate interaction with other people in your field of research?
  15. Do you find your working environment is conducive or detrimental to creativity? Why?

Think about it, and then watch this TED talk, If you haven´t: [ted id=”66”]

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