Working today at NASA JPL

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Working today at NASA JPL. Sueños que se hacen realidad...

Part of my work is the preparation for the Solo HI instrument onboard Solar Orbiter. Just being on the team is awesome, we get to use the best hardware and learn from the best people. I am learning a lot about space hardware.

Today we had a meeting at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in California. This is one of those places that made, makes and will make history. Space history.

Being (a tiny small) part of this future is just awesome.

Rovers (2) in the test terrain

Access to JPL is very limited and highly restricted for foreign nationals like me. In fact I was always escorted (even to the restroom!). This is mostly due to a regulation called ITAR. Nonetheless, it was a very motivating meeting and a very pleasant experience.

I was allowed to take some pictures in the Martian robers Lab. (Btw, not related with the topic of the meeting).

Next martian rovers being developed....

If you don´t recognize this martian rober, don´t worry. You will in a few years time. It´s the next generation to come. In the making.

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