10 reasons I love Google Voice

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Basically Google Voice is aphone number you choose, for free. Then you tell Google your real phone numbers. Google will connect the new number with your old one. Then you just use the new Google Voice number. Mine is 417-brunsn (+1 417-278 6676)


Why use it? Let´s be practical. These are some reasons I decided to use it:

1-If you forget your phone at home, you can associate another number, just for the day. Like your office number, or the friend you´re with. Only the calls, only the texts, both, … You need 10 seconds on www.google.com/voice to do that. You can associate it depending on the time of the day, also.

2-You can always check your texts on the computer. Or send them. Who wants to type on the phone when you have the full keyboard?

3-It integrates with your contacts. And these can be also synced with your computer. Add an email to your phone, and use it on your computer, update it there, use it on the phone.

4-If you buy a new phone, it doesn´t matter if that is a new number, you just associate the new number. People can always call you to the Google Voice.

5-You can decide to “spam” callers and block them from calling again. Like creditcard offers. Or restrict the time they can call. No more calls when you are sleeping or on holidays, if it is not your family or friends.

6-You can record a conversation by pressing “7”. Like when someone tells you directions or things to do.

7-You get a transcript of your voicemail on your email and Google Voice webpage. This works only on english but it is priceless when you are abroad or can´t use the phone but you have email and can read (meetings)

8-You can make international calls much cheaper than the regular price. I use it all the time to call home from my mobile, or the office. 2 cents a minute.

9-Using any phone, you can make calls and be identified as your Google Phone. That way people always know it´s you, even when you call from the office or your friend´s house.

10-You can screen callers, if you activate it. Google asks then hidden-numbers or first-time callers to say their name. Then your phone rings and you can decide to take the call or no. Next time, Google will play their recording instead of asking them again.

11-You can switch calls between associated phones. You get your call on the mobile, but you arrive home. So you can transfer the call to the home phone and hang up the mobile.

-1 -Sometimes it takes too much for your phone to ring. I guess is because it has to “ring” Google and then they have to call you. I suspect that´s the same reason why when you press codes on the phone, sometimes they are not recorded properly or the get recorded twice..

-2 -Very rarely, Google decides to activate the voice recording by its own. It only happens for incoming calls, but it is quite disturbing to suddenly hear (“Voice recording on”). Specially for the person calling you. I hope they fix this asap, or I´ll stop using Google Voice at once. It can lead to quite difficult moments. It seems that the system thinks you press the 5 button, but it is just an ambient noise with that same tone (…)


Ah, and starting today, Google Voice is open for everyone in the US.

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