Perception of creativity

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My good estonian friend Birgit Oidram had to do a small study, for the University of Malta, about the different perception of creativity as seen by an educator and a scientist. Interesting topic.

I felt very honored when she called me and proposed me to be ‘the scientist’ in her study. We had our interview via Skype back in May.

Today she sent me the end result. This is how she closes the study. I cannot agree more:

Both the Educator and Scientist expressed their concerns about the education system, which traditionally does not encourage creative thinking or enhancement of practical skills. They believe that creativity needs to be present not only in the schooling stage but also at work and this is only possible if the environment supports creativity.

Her full report is here.

This seems a perfect excuse to include this video from Ken robinson, and beautifully animated by RSA. The talk is about the extremely closely related topic of changing the paradigm of education to bolster creativity.

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