My Universe

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my particular Universe (including me)

Picture of everything I knew, saw, felt in 2007. Every moment I enjoyed, or suffered. Everything I hated, everything and everyone I loved. Every passion and every pain. Every moment with every friend or family. Every living person I know, and everyone that passed away but still lives there. Every success and every broken dream. All I learnt and all I thought I forgot. Every law of the Universe I could understand, and every crazy idea that could never get out of there. Everything I could see being and everything I could imagine.
The whole Universe, or my highly incomplete version of it, is there. There, imprinted on such an amazing, yet completely ordinary, configuration of atoms dancing as the MRI magnet tells them. There has never been one just like this one, it only existed like this for a moment, and there will never be again another one. Now that brain is changed, it always is. Hopefully for the better.
When you look at this image is just an image of a common brain. There are tons of images like this one and literally millions of living brains just like this one. But when I look at this image, it is actually my brain looking at my brain. It blows my mind...
All this to say, enjoy life. There is whole universe of experiences in your head and a whole more of experiences waiting to get in there.
Enjoy life. Disfruten la vida.
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