Headaches in 3D

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Why do some people get headaches watching 3d movies?

Throughout evolution, eyes converge and focus to the same distance,

on a 3D screen, we keep the focus on the screen while fooling convergence.

Our brain is not used to that.

The reason the 3D market is deem to fail. We just can´t fight thousands of years of evolution.

In real life convergence distance is the same as focus distance. If the object is close, our brain moves the eyes inwards so their gaze meet at that distance, and we have a clear stereoscopic vision. At the same time, each eye adjusts its lens so that it focuses to that same distance:

On a 3D screen, regardless of the technology, we see different view angles on each eye (by shifting the image depending of the intended depth), creating the  impression  of  depth. However, the eyes must keep looking and focus at the screen, usually few feet away. This dissociation of focus depth and convergence depth seem to be the cause of the headaches after a few minutes for some people.

PD: One way to minimize this disparity is then to sit down as far as possible from the screen.

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