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We´ve been quite busy in the last months. We joined the Apps for Development World Bank competition. The main idea is to use the free data released by the Bank to help achieve and/or raise awareness of the Millenium Development Goals.

The public voting has started. Vote for us!

We argued that our approach would be to make people know the world they live in. Make them realize we really need to achieve those goals. We thus created a quiz that rewards you when you get the questions right and subtracts few points when you don´t. We publish the rankings by location and global, so you can tease and compete with your friends or the whole world.

Some questions are fun, some are easy, some are hard. The quiz pulls data directly from the World Bank data, so there is an almost infinite number of questions. We put easier ones first, so don´t worry.

It was both hard work and fun time to create the quiz. Please take a look it, play, enjoy the game. If you like it, vote for us!


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