Leveraging my 180$ into 800$ of help.

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Since I joined Kiva 3 years ago, I sent around 180$ for loans (my profile). This is a small recap of what Kiva allowed me.

I constantly re-loan my money as soon as the previous person pays back. I only lost 6$ in 3 years (partly due to default, partly due to currency exchange). They can pay back because people like me (almost one million and counting) gave them the chance to invest in their own future, in themselves. Unfortunately they had to pay a high interest rate (no to me) but this loan model needs it to be sustainable.

Who are they? 30 people or groups from Ecuador, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Peru, Uganda, Cambodia, Philippines, Rwanda, Togo, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Senegal, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Bolivia, Lebanon, Mali, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Mongolia and Palestine.

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I decided to help mostly women:

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For what? I give mostly for Agriculture and Food. I wish I could give more for Education, but there is not much… and people should eat first.

Screen shot 2011-05-26 at 12.53.28.pngWanna join?

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