Más acción, menos palabras

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Today I´ve published the article “Más Acción, Menos Palabras,” in the Madrid-based daily national newspaper, La Rázon. One of the goals of the article is that in the wake of no clear path forward on tackling climate mitigation, concrete steps taken by world leaders attending the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting can harness the power of the private sector in helping those most vulnerable adapt to the challenges of climate change and other global forces:

The harsh reality is that, after seventeen annual international [UNFCCC COP] conferences, intentions still fall far behind action. The necessary consensus for taking global steps to address climate change becomes lost among competing agendas. They have become business meetings where solutions are not coordinated. Adaptation is a parallel track, and complementary to tackle climate change. The meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos this week brings together over a thousand leaders representing many sectors of the economy that drive its evolution. Not surprisingly, one of the issues at the top of the agenda is climate change and global adaptation to this phenomenon.

Read the whole article, in spanish, here.

Nota: El primer borrador del artículo tenía el doble de extensión de la recomendable para su publicación, con más ejemplos y explicaciones de la lógica de adaptación y del papel del sector privado.

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