It´s not about the Science, it´s the whole package

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This is a screencast of my talk the Adaptation Futures conference in Arizona last month. I present our GAIN Index to measure the vulnerability of countries to face Adaptation challenges, and their readiness to implement solutions. Beyond the Index, I tried to stress the importance of the whole package: It is not about making good science, it is not just an academic exercise. From the beginning one needs to think who will be the users, what do they know and what they want to know, and how are you going to present it.

In particular, consider that many stakeholders in Adaptation are not engaged, or even aware. Our work won´t get much beyond a few academics if your Index needs one hour to be explained. If you get time to talk to a president or a CEO, like we have had, you want to inform them, but first you need to engage them, quickly. This is how we do it.

I used my Android phone to record the audio. Then, while listening to it later at my hotel room, I made a screencast using QuickTime Player, and put it together using iMovie. I used taskrabbit and I paid someone 10$ to caption it using Amara.

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