Power Searching with Google

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Just got the certificate for my participation in Power Searching with Google. (Free and online)

  • Mid-class assessment score: 100%
  • Post-class assessment score: 100%

I have to say that I’ve enjoyed it, but most of what is covered seems a bit basic. If Google decided to this course it means that it is not common knowledge, which is already interesting feedback. Things like search by filetype, by image, only inside a site, … They did cover a few tips I did not know, like intext: or searches that translate pages, but I´m not sure it made the whole time invested worth. I ended up jumping to the assessments, and from the errors, go back to the indicated lesson.

The course material seems closed only to registered folks, but Carolin compiled the links to all the videos.

They also did a Hangout. Just like the course, there is a very thin line between what you know and you want to skip, and what you don’t know.

Interesting how they agree, on the video, that Google Instant killed the I’m feeling lucky button, and the only time it works is to click with an empty search term, which leads to the Google Doodle page (…)

For what is worth, I can say Google agrees I know how to search it.

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