Joining MapBox as Chief Scientist

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I´ve joined MapBox as Chief Scientist! This is a long coming love story, possible thanks to my recent extraordinary visa. An amazing next stop on my journey to bridge Science and Technology with Society at large. I am very excited to join this awesome team.

Think of MapBox as a mix of Wikipedia for maps (leveraging the power of open data and crowds) and Apple style to master a product that is beautiful, fast and breaks beyond convention. Faster, better, open maps for anything that has a location.

Opening the geo space… What is MapBox doing?

And this is just a sneak peak of what has already shipped in less than 3 years. Btw, we are hiring.

A real garage start-up… Well, a garage with glass doors that we open on summer days, couches, fossball, free food and drinks, computers hanging on the walls, a bar space, bike rack, meeting rooms that actually are hanging out rooms since there are virtually no meetings …

MapBox, let´s dance.

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