Talking about the Future of Education at the World Economic Forum

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I was invited to talk the World Economic Forum in Panama earlier this month. It was a great opportunity to know the country, to give a workshop for NGOs about online mapping and, specially, have the chance to talk at the Fourm about a topic so close to me passion: Science, Technology and the future of Education.

The session was translated into several languages and broadcasted live on Internet. Here´s the link to the video:

The gist of my intervention was that:

  • Process-based education, as opposed to content based, is going to be key; because we are educating for the future. A future were the tools needed are not yet invented. Where the content is available, and it´s the process of knowing how to use it is what matters.
  • It is very important to raise the public perception of Science and Tech; via Outreach, and via (local) role models.
  • Science (and Tech) are not silos, they are skills that permeate all across multiple applications, areas and sectors. Easing horizontal mobility would catalyze it´s impact. E.g. Moving from academia to the private sector.

You can read more about the session, the video and Twitter chatter on this link

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