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Concept of aeromedical fitness and associated medical certificate requirement
The rationale behind requiring an initial medical screening certificate will help ensure that astronaut applicants already possess a minimum level of health that is also required for anyone desiring a private pilot license.
The JAR-FCL 3 Class 2 (or equivalent such as those from the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), European military or professional pilot medical certificate, or ESA Astronaut Applicant Medical Statement [see below]) medical examination is able to efficiently and relatively inexpensively detect many of the most common health-related factors that would prevent an applicant from becoming a private pilot, and hence also an astronaut.

This helps to streamline the process and ensure that applicants with the most likely chance for success are approved to continue to the next phase of the selection process. Obviously, there are more rigorous health demands to become an astronaut. Hence the dedicated round of very intensive medical examinations that happen later in the selection process.  
The JAR-FCL 3 Class 2 medical certificate is a European-wide accepted standard developed by the Joint Aviation Authority. It can only be issued by specifically certified physicians (i.e., aeromedical examiners). Recognizing that it may not be feasible for every interested applicant to obtain a JAR-FCL 3 Class 2 medical certificate, ESA will also accept an equivalent medical statement that has been authorized by a physician (for example a general medical practitioner). The ESA Astronaut Medical Statement includes equivalent medical and health examinations as the JAR-FCL 3 Class 2, but can be authorized by a physician (e.g. general practitioner).

Remember, it is very important that you ONLY upload the Medical Certificate. Do NOT upload any medical data information associated with your Medical Certificate.
ESA Astronaut Applicant Medical Statement »»
ESA Astronaut Applicant Medical Examination List »»


  1. First attempt to obtain a JAR-FCL 3 Class 2 medical certificate.
  2. If the above is not feasible, download the 2 forms
    a. ESA Astronaut Applicant Medical Statement
    b. ESA Astronaut Applicant Medical Examination List
  3. Take these 2 forms to a physician of your choice to have the medical examination performed and ESA Astronaut Applicant Medical Statement completed.
After filling in the medical statement please follow the instructions at the astronaut application web site at:
Last update: 22 May 2008

ESA Astronaut Applicant Medical StatementESA Astronaut Applicant Medical Examinations List
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