Saepe cadendo

by brunosan


Content of this site serve to reach out and share my interests. Thanks for stopping by. Please take a look to the Licensing. It basically says that I am the sole responsible for the original content of this webpage, and that you can freely use its contents under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

I´m mostly interested in bridging the gaps between Science, Technology and Society. I´m fascinated by new technologies that empowers society, development, sustainability or crisis response.

I´m a scientist. I have a PhD in Astrophysics. I´ve used some of the best ground telescopes of the world. I also did a Postdoc with NASA satellites and rockets. I´ve always loved science outreach. This is why I jumped the opportunity to help bring S&T closer to society when I was offered a Mirzayan Fellowship at the National Academies of Sciences in 2010. I then worked to bring open data to the climate change arena when I worked as Director for Science and Technology at the NGO Gain.

Coding goes hand to hand with S&T. I´m an open-source open-data advocate, and I´m continuously trying to improve as a developer. Very honored to be finalist at the “Apps for Development” World Bank competition.

My current work is Chief Scientists at MapBox. We are pushing what´s possible with geolocation services, mapping and satellite images all with open data and open software.

In 2013 I was awarded “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum.

my particular Universe (including me) I consider myself a inquisitive open-minded person, advocating for a better world where Science, Technology and Society get to understand better each other. We live amazing times, where we are exposed to much more information, where we can reach much further and where making change, being the change, is easier than ever. Huge chances for a better world are possible… Also,  chances for the worse are also possible. Technology makes us lazy, procrastinators and dependent. I see both Science and Technology as tools. Tools for welfare, for development, for leverage, for a better tomorrow. It´s up to us. Now, more than ever, we (all of us) are responsible for the future, and our actions are indeed votes for the world we want to live in. Dare not to join?

Life is a succession of convergent moments.
There is no destiny, is just our way, with our inertia.
Learn to recognize the moments,
enjoy them, take the best of each of them,
and never loose the overall picture.