Hi! Welcome to my personal page.

I’m program director of Microsoft’s “AI for Earth”. Our group is building the “Planetary Computer”.

I’m a PhD in Astrophysics, and rocket science postdoc. I led Big Data innovation at the World Bank Innovation Labs, served as VP Social Impact at the satellite company Satellogic and Chief Scientist at Mapbox. I wrote a book too. Available for free here, but also on Amazon. It’s abut the role of science and research for social and environmental Impact. Basically shifting our knowledge-based value system to one skills-based, and figuring out how to best deploy it. I was awarded Mirzayan Science Policy Fellow of the US National Academies of Science and a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum. All in all, Non vi, saepe cadendo.

From Asturias (Spain), currently living in the Seattle area.

See below for contact info, and here about my previous work.